2020 has seen a lot of virtual events happening for obvious reasons, but when you have such a strong VeeamON event earlier in the year and you know you have more insight, vision and product news to share you put on another event later in the year. But with a twist Veeam Live was a one-day event and all the breakouts and keynotes were live. The focus on the event was to get into the thought leadership topics around our industry and cloud data management. But it was also a platform that would enable us to talk about recent acquisitions, additional product release announcements andRead More →

Thanks for coming back to part 2, here we will get into a little bit more of the how to get these little computers up and running and even running some VMs and some other interesting community things I have found out in my playing around. If you only had the one SD card then those steps in the last blog can be undone now, we need the SD card to be formatted at FAT32 (MSDOS) so we can upload some required files to the card for the UEFI boot, if you do have a smaller SD card and you wish to preserve the RaspberryRead More →

A little under a week ago Kit Colbert posted here, the announcement of the new Community ESXi-Arm fling. This has been an ongoing waiting game since I believe the days of VMworld 2018 when we could be in another country and amongst fellow community members. Well it looks like the team are well on the way to cracking the code and getting something out there in the form of a fling is a great way and a way I have loved from VMware over the years to introduce their early access of ideas and products out to the community for feedback and some testing. OrRead More →

You may or may not be shocked to hear that I have a server in my garage, I reduced my home lab foot print a few months back and was left with just one HP ML110 Gen7 with some capacity disks. I decided to put Windows 2019 on the box and use this as my home Veeam server, on here we have Veeam Backup & Replication looking after my agent backups and NAS share backups. We have Veeam Backup for Office 365 looking after my vZilla Office 365 account. I also enabled Hyper-V on the box! Madness, I hear you cry! Well it’s a goodRead More →

Way back when Veeam Backup & Replication v10 was released, there was a lot of new features and functionalities focused around the Linux ecosystem, this ranged from the ability to now leverage Linux Proxies in hot add mode to protect your VMware virtualised environment, on top of that the ability to use NFS repositories, well this was possible pre v10 but it required a middle man to achieve this, the middle man I mention is where we required a Linux server to write the data to the NFS share, ideal for some smaller NAS devices. VIX for Linux was another important feature for file levelRead More →

I think it is fair to say, the public cloud is very much in everyone’s mind when looking at an IT refresh or how you approach the constant requirement to innovate on where you enable your business to do more. A constant conversation we are having is around the ability to send workloads to the cloud by using our Direct Restore to Microsoft Azure or AWS, taking care of the conversion process and configuration migration. The most common use case to date has been around performing testing against specific application stacks. Then it comes down to data recovery, for example if you have a failureRead More →

For those interested in Configuration Management and those that are looking to use these tools to also set established rules from which your infrastructure management software should adhere to including your backup software for creation, deployment, maintenance and deletion. There has been an on going community project happening where the CHEF Cookbook that was released firstly back in 2018 has been maintained mostly by one contributor Jeremy Goodrum and you will find his other contributions over on his GitHub. You can find some further deep dive into why we chose CHEF over other configuration management options at the time and walk you through the keyRead More →

The ways in which you can deploy Veeam Backup & Replication and all Veeam products for that matter is vast. You could just take the ISO and install on the physical or virtual and click next, next, and you can be protecting your workloads and data within 15 minutes. This is the same software regardless of the size of your environment, no where flexibility in deployment does become a challenge is when you have many sites that require their own Veeam Backup & Replication configuration. This is where automation plays a huge part in this story, the great thing about Veeam is that it isRead More →