This post is in no way affiliated to or sponsored by RaspberryPi. I am using this an example in this post to show you the possibility of using this tiny compute module as a desktop computer. Over the past 8,9,10 weeks I have lost count of weeks now its just “day X ” and I probably should have highlighted this out already across further than the IT community, I mean we know about these little computer boards, we likely all have them in our drawers or serving some sort of function within our houses. Ok, so I have been hearing many people struggling in manyRead More →

No matter where you are in the world you are probably working from home and if you are anything like me probably busier than normal! But it is important to stay on top of things and one of them things should be learning. Normally it’s a privilege to get training access whilst on the job. But I think if you are now working from home you likely need something like a project or some form of education. Over the last 6 months I have been taking advantage of my Pluralsight account that I get through being part of the VMware vExpert Program. I have beenRead More →

I had a plan this weekend to get my Veeam components all updated with the recent release of v10 RTM and I wanted to use Windows 2019 Server Core for some of my proxy components. Lightweight and should be easy to spin up and spin down as and when you need them. Anyway, there were two things I was finding when it came to spin up my new lab using terraform and that was Guest Customisation being a pain. The pain was that the guest customisation just didn’t work on the template that I had, my advice is troubleshoot this for all of 5 minutesRead More →

I have been meaning to write this for a while, I spend a lot of time on a plane and one of the best things I find to pass the time is watching TV shows / series on my iPad. Now I don’t just go after Tech shows but given the industry we are in they do become quite enjoyable to watch. These call outs are in no order at all, I actually expect most of you would have seen the large majority of them. The IT crowd  The IT crowd was probably the first IT related show I at least saw on TV. “InRead More →

Kubernetes also known as K8 was built by Google based on their experience of running containers in production it is now an open source project and is arguably best and most popular container orchestration technologies out there. In this post I want to share some of my #SummerLearning project and try to explain Kubernetes at a high level. My first observation is that Kubernetes is the buzz at the moment but in order to understand Kubernetes we have to understand two other areas first, Containers and Orchestration. Containers The Container technology I chose to try and learn over the summer was Docker, but we probablyRead More →

I have recently been testing and working through some scenarios where I require the NFS client on a Windows machine to access some NAS shares over the NFS protocol, not much has changed I believe between Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 but thought it might help some to see how easy it is to get going. I am picking up at this stage with my fully patched and ready to go Windows Server running 2019. As mentioned previously I want to use this machine to access my NFS share which doesn’t matter what it is or what it is for but this WindowsRead More →

Quite often it’s easy to forget some of the ground-breaking things we have been doing over the years. I am sure you have all seen the reverse roadmap from Veeam stating all the great things that have been released, changed the way we move data around from a protection point of view and also interacted with our data for different use cases. One of these topics and features is around the Data transport modes available in Veeam Backup & Replication that allow us to move data from production to our backup storage as fast as possible. Most people I expect leave the setting when configuringRead More →

Anyone else feel like they have more Slack channels than they do hot dinners in a week? Yep. Me too! Slack was a game changer for me it was a door opener to a remote team and communication became so much easier than email and even Skype. But it also has or had it’s moments of being an absolute drain on time. I want to touch on 5 things that either will help you in your Slack bubble or just show you that you might be spending too much time in a Slack bubble. 1. The problem with Slack Lets start off with what isRead More →

Yesterday I posted the What is NetApp StorageGRID post and normally in true Simon Sinek fashion I would or maybe should have started with the Why… but 24 hours later here you go with the why. As Duncan Moore would say this is the best kept secret at NetApp. It is as described before their Object Storage offering. I first want to point out the obvious and something we hear in every vendor meeting or conference “business” breakout and that’s how about trends or about the challenge of data management. We are the same at Veeam we have a lovely slide that outlines this, andRead More →