It is Friday morning and we had a power outage during the night in the homelab, everything hardware wise is back up but not my VMware virtual center. Of course that would be the one thing to not come up! This is hosted on one of my two ESXi hosts. When I got to the console after logging into the ESXi host directly we see the “Failed” error message.


It was pretty clear that because of the power outage something was not quiesced correctly, makes sense. I first went and got into the shell by providing my root password twice to access another prompt and then from there I typed shell and now we have a Linux shell to interact with disks.

I ran

df -h
to get a list of my devices and then ran
fsck /dev/sda3
but in any case this might be another sda device, we should also check any ext4 partitions and disks and run the scan next to it. If there are issues then you will be prompted (you can skip this with a
in the command previously shown)

I did this but still no good on the boot, then I actually read the error and found that I did not run

fsck /dev/mapper/log_vg-log
after doing this we were able to boot as normal.

A short post but I know I will need this in the future! I vaguely remember seeing this back in vSphere 6.5 days but now I am documenting

image 1

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