My First VMworld This was my first ever VMworld considering I have held my VCP and been a member of the vExpert community for several years. When I was telling people this they were shocked. It just so happens that over the course of the last 10 years I have either been transitioning or just not in the list to attend. I wanted to put this post together really to one remind me of what went on but also to give some insight into what sessions were attended if anyone wanted to take a watch when they become available. Saturday It did not disappoint! IRead More →

Top 50 vBlog for Up 76 places from 2016 Every year Eric Siebert @ericsiebert) puts a massive amount of effort into collating the ever-growing number of technical blogs we have out there within our community. Top marks to Eric and he seems to enjoy making the scoring system more complexed to keep his work effort high. Last night the infamous live unravelling of the Top 25 vBlogs in the community were revealed and I think years gone by that I have been able to watch were done so with a running commentary on Twitter, last night it was all happening in the Veeam VanguardRead More →

In this busy world of HyperConverged and Converged Infrastructure offerings. Last week NetApp released a new beast. The FlexPod SF, and it’s exactly that. A converged offering from Cisco and NetApp with SolidFire storage capability running alongside Cisco networking and compute in a validated and reference architecture. A cool marketing video if anything – The FlexPod Portfolio As I said FlexPod isn’t new from both Cisco & NetApp they have been doing it for years. Before I joined Veeam this was my bread and butter from a design and implementation point of view. Introducing FlexPod SF It is suggested that the FlexPod SF use caseRead More →

Sitting here at 38,000ft on the way over to my first Cisco Live US frantically preparing slide decks for sessions and webinars I have fast approaching. (That bit is done at this point don’t worry boss) I wanted to touch base and give an overview of all the super cool stuff that Veeam does with Cisco. Cisco HyperFlex Veeam over the short lifetime of HyperFlex (just over a year) have really jumped on board this hyperconverged offering from Cisco. A lot of joint roadshows in the beginning on how Veeam can keep data Available by backing up but also replicating across sites. More recently theRead More →

Availability for AWS Introduction I wanted to wrap this week up with a bit of an overview on the newly announced Veeam Availability for AWS. The official landing page on Veeam is here. More and more people are moving some form of workload into the public cloud our ability to now deploy our agents into those supported Operating Systems is one way to protect those workloads. However the agent is not always going to be the option, especially if the instance is not a supported OS or it shouldn’t be an agent based approach. This is where the partnership with N2W Software has come inRead More →

Storage Integration is an ever expanding feature set with Veeam. The ability to leverage production storage snapshots offloading performance down from the VMware environment to that storage layer and then give Veeam customers the ability to Backup & Restore from, Orchestrate Application aware consistent snapshots and also leverage those performant and storage efficient snapshots to better leverage that investment. It wont come as any surprise that Veeam announced last week at VeeamON. Three new storage integrations, with IBM, Lenovo and Infinidat. IBM was announced back in August 2016 but seeing the demo on stage made it all real. Universal Storage API Setup In terms ofRead More →

For those of you lucky enough to have attended VeeamON in New Orleans, Wednesday you would have heard the announcement for the new Archive Tier. You would have probably also seen both of my demos on the mainstage. One thing I must note is that the screen shots below are from a pre-alpha build and all options are subject to change. What is it? The archive tier that will be one of the many features in Veeam Backup & Replication version 10. The Archive Tier which is an extension of the scale out backup repository released in v9 allows for automatically moving the oldest backupRead More →

There was that much information and announcements to come from VeeamON 2017 that I decided to split things up into two parts. EcoSystem Partner Announcements StarWind VTL Tape is still a requirement in a number of environments, to virtualise the legacy tape infrastructure to remove that physical pain point is exactly what StarWind has done. This new release from StarWind allows veeam to see this disk based storage to see as a tape library, this then allows for a replication task to copy backup files or tier those backup files to Amazon S3 and/or Glacier. This is available NOW. I know I need to getRead More →

The week after the week before, last week it was our VeeamON event in New Orleans, I have to say this was my first own conference and boy did I get through some steps on my fitbit. An amazing oppurtunity for me to be able to speak on the main stage in both of the general sessions, as well as present with a few friends of mine within our industry. But lets get into the meat of the burger. I want to take this time to outline ALL of those announcements that were made regarding Veeam Availability Suite v10, ecosystem partner integrations and other cloudRead More →

Welcome back to this 2 part blog covering the session I did in Manchester for the UK Veeam User Group. vSphere Web Client The Veeam vSphere Web Client is for sure a hidden little gem, it allows vSphere administrators to really see the level of Availability of their vSphere environment. Providing a cool dashboard showing an overview of virtual machiens, processed VMs, backup repositories and job statistics. I suggest anybody out there with a vSphere environment and Veeam to get this installed and have a play. It does require Enterprise Manager for the deployment as you will see in the video along with the greatRead More →