In the last post we covered the fundamentals at a very high level on why you should be considering adding a backup action into your GitOps workflows, we also deployed ArgoCD into our Kubernetes cluster. In this post we are going to walkthrough a scenario on why and how having that backupaction within in your process ensures that when mistakes happen (and they will) your data is protected and can be recovered easily. This walkthrough assumes that you have Kasten K10 deployed within your Kubernetes Cluster to perform these steps. More details on this can be found at This is a very simple exampleRead More →

Something I started at the beginning of 2021 was setting aside an hour a day during the workday for learning. This tweet and a few others over the last few months then prompted me to write this post, to share my reasoning and why this is a good idea. “Where do you make time to learn new things?” There seems to be a common misconception that for you to learn new things it must be out of work hours! Let’s address this straight away, if you are learning a topic that will benefit your day to day job then any boss (a good boss orRead More →

Last week at the Kasten booth at KubeCon 2021 EU I gave a 30-minute session on “Incorporating data management into your continuous deployment workflows and GitOps model” the TLDR was that with Kasten K10 we can use BackupActions and hooks from your favourite CD tool to make sure that with any configuration change you are also going to take a backup of your configuration before the change but most importantly the data will also be grabbed. This will become more apparent and more useful when you are leveraging ConfgMaps to interact with data that is being consumed and added by an external group of peopleRead More →

Ransomware is a threat we hear about daily it seems and it is hitting every sector, I have actually been saying that everyone should be concerned here, it is just a matter of time before you are attacked and have to face the Ransomware story. This post is all about highlighting how to prevent your cloud workloads from being easily exposed as well as talking briefly about the remediation and how to get back up on your feet. In a previous post, I posted about Pac-Man as a mission-critical application, I have decided that this is a great way to show off the stateful approachRead More →

Not my usual content but over the weekend I took the plunge again and successfully this time in getting Ubuntu dual booting with my Razer Blade Stealth 13″ 4K that I picked up mid pandemic last year (why oh why did I do that during a pandemic and no travel) This post will cover the steps I took to make sure that this would work on the laptop, I expect for many other laptops this process would also work especially if you had Windows pre-installed on the device. You might also want to check the warranty if you are going to do this, I didRead More →