This morning on the final day of NetApp Insight 2017 in Las Vegas, it was announced in the General Session that Veeam would be added to the NetApp global price list. Here is the executive blog from Veeam – From my point of view being a bit of a NetApp fanboi this is pretty special, we have some pretty deep integration with NetApp ONTAP systems today already but now to bundle Veeam licensing with any ONTAP solution and allowing NetApp sales and partners to easily order this bundle from one location. It’s not just about that integration though, we still have some other stickyRead More →

This morning in the General Session at NetApp Insight 2017 in Las Vegas, NetApp announced ONTAP 9.3 In todays IT world that is ever-changing there are a number of issue areas that most companies are facing. Shrinking pool of admin resources Data Center costs Security Data mobility These issues really play into the overarching vision from NetApp the Data Fabric by offering the following as well as ONTAP being able to aleviate some of the challenges above. Simplicity Automated Efficiencies Security Enhancements Performance Optimizations FlexGroup Volumes The first area that is worth mentioning is the FlexGroup volumes. FlexGroup volumes offer 2-6 times the performance forRead More →

What’s great about the E2800? A good while ago now I put a post together about some great target storage repositories these included Cloud Integrated Storage, The Cisco C Class range which now the S3260 is a great “Appliance” one stop shop for compute and high density storage and the post regarding a SAN backup appliance. Each have their own use cases and rights and maybe if you are interested we can have a discussion on those use cases and where you would see one over the other etc. I am talking about the blog post I put together regarding the NetApp E2700 or inRead More →

This trip has been like no other, the other 5 times to Vegas this year have been pretty uneventful. Currently sat in the General session at NetApp Insight, to begin with i thought continuing with the conference was a disrespectful act based on the tragedy that had happened on Sunday evening. But actually i now realise that this was the right thing to do. George Kurian the NetApp CEO opened things up saying about the fact that the show must go on. I am going to try to be as active on here as possible and get some good information out there in regards toRead More →

Why am I writing this, well in less than 24 hours I will be travelling over to Las Vegas for NetApp Insight 2017, and coming toward the end of the year I will have worked with NetApp technologies for 10 Years! To say I have been a bit of a fanboi might be pushing it a little. During these 10 years I have been involved from a support perspective on a helpdesk, Design & Implementations for small and large global infrastructures and now I work for a vendor that is strategically positioned and partnered with NetApp. Also along the way I became a member ofRead More →

Announced at the end of August at VMworld in Las Vegas was VMware on AWS, nothing new here as this was spoken about a year ago, but things are now moving towards being available. From the small bit of exposure, I have seen it really does look like they have done a great job in making things seamless between an on premises vSphere deployment and the new vSphere offering on AWS. Let’s firstly look at what VMC looks like. What do you get if you want to spin this up? Minimum 4 ESXi Hosts 36 Cores, 512GB RAM 8x2TB NVMe SSD for vSAN HA, vMotion,Read More →

My First VMworld This was my first ever VMworld considering I have held my VCP and been a member of the vExpert community for several years. When I was telling people this they were shocked. It just so happens that over the course of the last 10 years I have either been transitioning or just not in the list to attend. I wanted to put this post together really to one remind me of what went on but also to give some insight into what sessions were attended if anyone wanted to take a watch when they become available. Saturday It did not disappoint! IRead More →

Top 50 vBlog for Up 76 places from 2016 Every year Eric Siebert @ericsiebert) puts a massive amount of effort into collating the ever-growing number of technical blogs we have out there within our community. Top marks to Eric and he seems to enjoy making the scoring system more complexed to keep his work effort high. Last night the infamous live unravelling of the Top 25 vBlogs in the community were revealed and I think years gone by that I have been able to watch were done so with a running commentary on Twitter, last night it was all happening in the Veeam VanguardRead More →

In this busy world of HyperConverged and Converged Infrastructure offerings. Last week NetApp released a new beast. The FlexPod SF, and it’s exactly that. A converged offering from Cisco and NetApp with SolidFire storage capability running alongside Cisco networking and compute in a validated and reference architecture. A cool marketing video if anything – The FlexPod Portfolio As I said FlexPod isn’t new from both Cisco & NetApp they have been doing it for years. Before I joined Veeam this was my bread and butter from a design and implementation point of view. Introducing FlexPod SF It is suggested that the FlexPod SF use caseRead More →

Sitting here at 38,000ft on the way over to my first Cisco Live US frantically preparing slide decks for sessions and webinars I have fast approaching. (That bit is done at this point don’t worry boss) I wanted to touch base and give an overview of all the super cool stuff that Veeam does with Cisco. Cisco HyperFlex Veeam over the short lifetime of HyperFlex (just over a year) have really jumped on board this hyperconverged offering from Cisco. A lot of joint roadshows in the beginning on how Veeam can keep data Available by backing up but also replicating across sites. More recently theRead More →