Edge & IoT Edge Computing is here and is going to be coming faster and harder as we move into 2020, the requirement for businesses to get processing functions to the specific location where it is needed at the edge of a company network in locations such as traditionally could be called Remote Offices but realistically this could now be a windfarm and IoT devices living on each wind turbine. This craze and adoption will have to come with some serious investment around network architecture and how this is dealt with. 5G will contribute massively here also. What is Edge computing and why it mattersRead More →

Time for a new calendar! Last year went incredibly fast, I think I must be getting old because I remember my parents saying these years are going so fast and I was like not really, I have all the time in the world… oh well now we are saying the same thing. 2019 has been an incredibly busy year for me from a travel perspective and events, some milestones and challenges encountered and conquered but overall a good year, I think. These sorts of posts are actually for myself to look back on, but it also seems that some people do have some level ofRead More →

The usual last blog of the year, highlighting things that have happened, travel, website and twitter stuff. I really do this to highlight to myself how things looked when I get to this point next year and we see some progression in some or all areas. If anyone else finds it interesting, then great stuff. 2017 – Year in Review 2016 – Year in Review 2015 – Year in Review 2014 – Year in Review I also tend to write some sort of predictions for the year ahead in another post, but I did one at the beginning of this year. This is something IRead More →

Smart Home Automation – Round 1 I am in the process of purchasing our new family home. One thing I didn’t get to look into in our last home was the home automation, to be honest I thought it was interesting but it wasn’t really going to make my life easier or faster. It was a lot about coloured light bulbs and asking Alexa to do certain things and then getting bored with it all and moving back to the “traditional” way of doing things. I started looking into more and more smart things and how I could use these devices to potentially make myRead More →

2018 and a rough idea At the back end of the year, our team moved from Global Marketing to Product Strategy, although one of our responsibilities will still be creating technical content. We will have more involvement from a strategic point of view and enablement. Travel With the above in mind, this might reduce the amount of travel for me in 2018 well at least out of region. But within reason there are a lot of events that take place in the US and they are bigger than the European events so they are great for education purposes as well as reaching the larger audiences.Read More →