As many of you know I have thrown myself into Ubuntu and I have been actively trying to get myself more familiar with Linux, to force me into this and with the world opening up a little more I have dual booted my Razer laptop with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 21.04 with most of the time spent in the Ubuntu OS. An issue I had though was around audio, firstly it was actually getting my AirPods working on Ubuntu. This was an easy fix to deal with the below being the quick fix. Set ControllerMode = bredr or ControllerMode = dual by editing /etc/bluetooth/main.conf fileRead More →

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We have likely learnt a lot over the last few months about remotely working from home and jumping on zoom or some conferencing tool for meeting after meeting, or if you are a content creator you have likely explored a little outside of your comfort zone on different ways to create content, I created a YouTube account and started getting some regular video demo content up there so I am with you. There are some important things to consider though for making sure you have the best setup your budget allows and that your audience requires, sure you can use your stock webcam and yourRead More →

For those that stuck around and watched some of the YouTube videos on the home office setup and read the specs and the story so far. Then we are now almost a month in, and I wanted to share some of the thoughts on the kit I chose and give you the lowdown on how its working out so far. Over the last few months we spoke about the fact I was working on a project to refresh my office setup, little did I know that the world would go into lockdown and everyone would be searching high and low for components to make theirRead More →

Background It feels like this project has been bubbling away for around 6 months, so it is great to be able to share the progress as we are getting close to the completing the project. First of all, up till this project I have been a massive Apple fanboy for probably the last 5-8 years, I have a 13″ MacBook Pro for the road and a 27″ Apple iMac for home use. These are getting old and I have been thinking about a tech refresh for the last at least 12 months. The first look was to see what a tech refresh would be replacingRead More →