In this episode I hosted my good friend Paul Stringfellow. (Twitter @TechStringy) a Technical Director of a long established UK based  IT consultancy,  Gardner Systems plc. Michael and Paul talk about the topical threat of Ransomware and the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) You can find the recording here. We covered a very topical subject here in the UK regarding GDPR and how come next summer every business is going to have to adhere to these new regulations or face some heavy fines. First of all here is the opening introduction paragraph from the Information Commisioners Office (ICO) website. “This overview highlights the keyRead More →

  What is Ransomware? What is ransomware? – A type of malicious software (Malware) which restricts access to a computer and/or the files on a computer until a ransom amount is paid. It’s something that is downloaded via email or file from the internet or passed between users much the same as a virus, this can be linked to a virus, malware, Trojan horse these are the same thing but a more evolved version. What is it going to do to a single computer or network? – it’s going enforce restrictions through encryption and prohibit access to certain areas of a machine or an environmentRead More →