I had a plan this weekend to get my Veeam components all updated with the recent release of v10 RTM and I wanted to use Windows 2019 Server Core for some of my proxy components. Lightweight and should be easy to spin up and spin down as and when you need them. Anyway, there were two things I was finding when it came to spin up my new lab using terraform and that was Guest Customisation being a pain. The pain was that the guest customisation just didn’t work on the template that I had, my advice is troubleshoot this for all of 5 minutesRead More →

WOW! It feels like almost 3 years since we started talking about Veeam Availability Suite v10! That’s because it was, but that doesn’t mean we have not been releasing mammoth updates since then. There were 5 things announced at that infamous New Orleans convention centre in May 2017. Can you remember what they were? Centralised Agent Management Universal Storage API Cloud Tier NAS Backup Continuous Data Protection Let’s clear up this first before we move on, Centralised Agent Management arrived at the back end of 2017 along with the Universal Storage API. The release which you can see below was Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5Read More →

Edge & IoT Edge Computing is here and is going to be coming faster and harder as we move into 2020, the requirement for businesses to get processing functions to the specific location where it is needed at the edge of a company network in locations such as traditionally could be called Remote Offices but realistically this could now be a windfarm and IoT devices living on each wind turbine. This craze and adoption will have to come with some serious investment around network architecture and how this is dealt with. 5G will contribute massively here also. What is Edge computing and why it mattersRead More →

Time for a new calendar! Last year went incredibly fast, I think I must be getting old because I remember my parents saying these years are going so fast and I was like not really, I have all the time in the world… oh well now we are saying the same thing. 2019 has been an incredibly busy year for me from a travel perspective and events, some milestones and challenges encountered and conquered but overall a good year, I think. These sorts of posts are actually for myself to look back on, but it also seems that some people do have some level ofRead More →

This post will continue from part 1 and will cover protecting the VBO Server in AWS with Veeam Backup for AWS and bringing it back to vSphere on premises. We now have our VBO server running as an Amazon EC2 instance and continued protection of our Microsoft Office 365 environment. What if we wanted to move that back on premises? The last thing we did was confirmed that we had a successful backup of our Microsoft Office 365 environment, this was covered in part 1. Veeam Backup for AWS (FREE) I actually wrote about this a few weeks back, introducing the latest product release intoRead More →

How do we backup the backup? Veeam have a solution to that as well, although today the Veeam Backup for Office 365 product is separate to the flagship product Veeam Backup & Replication, they still have the same simple and easy to approach to boring backup. Our customers running Veeam Backup for Office 365 they are most likely today to be running the software within their datacentre running as a virtual machine most likely on VMware vSphere. Because of that scenario we can leverage Veeam Backup & Replication to perform a backup of that machine and that opens the doors to lots of possibilities. VeeamRead More →