Anyone else feel like they have more Slack channels than they do hot dinners in a week? Yep. Me too! Slack was a game changer for me it was a door opener to a remote team and communication became so much easier than email and even Skype. But it also has or had it’s moments of being an absolute drain on time. I want to touch on 5 things that either will help you in your Slack bubble or just show you that you might be spending too much time in a Slack bubble. 1. The problem with Slack Lets start off with what isRead More →

I am lucky enough this week to be over in Sunnyvale, CA at my 6th ETL which is the NetApp A Team event. It also happens to be the week NetApp have their Spring 2019 release event. Last year I spoke about their Spring Launch around a month earlier. That release saw updates focused on ONTAP 9.4, Security, FabricPool and FlexGroups. Here is a link to that post from last year. This year I wanted to summarise some of the cool and important announcements NetApp have made this week. It was around 5 years ago now that we heard the term “NetApp Data Fabric” butRead More →

Yesterday I posted the What is NetApp StorageGRID post and normally in true Simon Sinek fashion I would or maybe should have started with the Why… but 24 hours later here you go with the why. As Duncan Moore would say this is the best kept secret at NetApp. It is as described before their Object Storage offering. I first want to point out the obvious and something we hear in every vendor meeting or conference “business” breakout and that’s how about trends or about the challenge of data management. We are the same at Veeam we have a lovely slide that outlines this, andRead More →

What is NetApp StorageGRID WebScale? Well it is NetApp’s software-defined unstructured data management platform. Or from NetApp themselves “StorageGRID is a software-defined, object-based storage platform that provides intelligent policy-driven data management.” Deployment   NetApp StorageGRID can be deployed a number of ways, this is one of the biggest advantages of being software defined, the ability to be deployed as a Docker container, within VMware environments or as an engineered appliance is all possible. This also allows for a mix and match approach to where and what is deployed in each location, you can choose to deploy differently in each location.   Scale & Service  Read More →

Introduction On May 30th, 2019 a small update was released by Veeam for the product Veeam Availability for Nutanix AHV 1.0. this update contains some bug fixes that will improve performance but also could improve your day to day management of the proxy appliance and your Nutanix AHV backups. The release notes can be found at the bottom of this post. Minor fixes You can see from the release notes linked below the detailed improvements that have been made but a summarised list of those are as follows: Update 2 includes: Improved backup performance and optimal operation In some cases, the proxy appliance would scheduleRead More →