2018 and a rough idea

At the back end of the year, our team moved from Global Marketing to Product Strategy, although one of our responsibilities will still be creating technical content. We will have more involvement from a strategic point of view and enablement.


With the above in mind, this might reduce the amount of travel for me in 2018 well at least out of region. But within reason there are a lot of events that take place in the US and they are bigger than the European events so they are great for education purposes as well as reaching the larger audiences.

Looking forward to

As always, I am looking forward to working within the IT community, more on this later on. I am really excited about the change in role and movement within the company, Veeam is on fire at the moment. Financially hitting records left right and centre and I am so thankful to be at the technical front of stage of this and hopefully in this new role I am able to shape some of the future of the company.

Community & Events

If I had a blank calendar for 2018 and I could choose any event to attend within our industry, off the back of my first ever VMworld in 2017 I would again choose this event in 2018.

I also really look forward to the Cisco and NetApp events where Veeam have a very strong relationship with those vendors but also the community is strong and being part of the advocacy programs they offer it’s great to network and meet up with my fellow peers.

Also, I expect to be able to attend one of the Tech Field Day events as well as TechUnplugged but more details of this to follow. Presenting at one of these is on my list of goals for 2018 that’s for sure.

Thought Leadership

In 2018 and moving forward expect to see even more thought leadership content from me, this will be solution driven based on various vendors and products. Our world is going to change this year with lots of new regulations. But also, the inevitable change that we see every year. I tweeted the following on New Year’s Day.

Picture1 1

Some other predictions and I don’t want to make this a prediction post by any means. But we will see Data being king this year. A drive toward security of that data, we saw a taste of things with Ransomware and data breaches last year and this will continue to become more and more advanced moving forward.

Also, Availability of that data is going to become even more required. We saw a lot of major enterprise and major companies have some real disruptive outages last year. This will not be acceptable moving into 2018 and beyond.

The ability to leverage that data will be a big requirement from IT departments and businesses.

Picture2 1

Product Strategy

We are now part of the Product Strategy unit at Veeam and as a Global Technologist, it’s going to be my job to get back to those customers and understand their requirements more and more and feed that back into our product management team to help shape the future of Veeam.

I have mentioned technical content, using the findings from our customers and partners and our alliances vendor relationships this is where the technical solution content from our team will be coming from. I already have a long list of these to be getting on with.

I also want to look at some of the features and functionality that we have in the products today that are either underused or just not known. Deep diving on things like the Veeam replication engine and the sandbox feature that we have that couple’s storage snapshots to create test and development environments.


Finally, Certifications. I have let a lot of my certifications lapse over the last 18 months. I currently hold the v9 version of the VMCE.

2018 I want to achieve the VMCE-ADO this is the advanced exam from Veeam. By coupling the VMCE and the VMCE-A you become a Veeam certified Architect.

Picture3 1

This is the only certification task I am setting myself for this year.

I am sure I have missed lots of things off my plan, we will just have to wait and see how things go, its going to be a really exciting year. Especially at Veeam.

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