The fact that i am writing this means i have completed the 90 day challenge, at the start of 2015 i decided to kick the year off with a challenge for January, this also included the infamous Dry January where no booze is drank… that was the easy bit, i also challenged myself to complete at least 1 mile of running every day for the full 31 days. I completed this and i have a post regarding this challenge here –

At the end of that first month i decided that i would carry this on and challenge myself for February as well as March although i kept that quiet until i completed the second month. and here we have it 90 days of running every single day. (here is the Feb completed post –

The challenge for March was to complete at least 2 miles a day for the entire 31 days of the month. #2MileADayMarch15 was born and used throughout the month although not as much as during the other months as i was starting to feel i was annoying a lot of people on either Twitter or Facebook branding these runs on a daily basis.

Well i just about managed the above and below you will find the complete 90 day challenge pace and distance graph of what i achieved over the past 3 months.

Also below this you will see the month calendar outlining every single one of the runs i completed in March. I have to admit that during this month was the closest i became to quitting, mostly down to work and family commitments but as well as running this far on a daily basis and your body not really getting the recovery time required my body was struggling.
Challenge – Complete at least 2 miles a day in March, 31 days and a minimum target of 62 miles.

Challenge Completed – 31/03/2015

90 Days / 90 Workouts
172.9 Miles Covered
31.63 hours spent training

As i mentioned in the February completed post a lot of my inspiration throughout came from the Tom Mendoza video about setting goals etc, i have always been very good from a work perspective around setting training goals, exam etc etc but personally i have never completed or attempted anything like this before. I encourage everyone to watch that video from Tom it truly gives you some inspiration.

The experience of the 90 day challenge has been great, in myself i feel a lot healthier and fitter than before. i honestly never thought past the challenge in hand but truthfully i didn’t think i would complete the January challenge. I feel proud of myself for pushing through and making this life changing routine. for 25-30 minutes a day i have left the house in all sorts of weather and at all sorts of time but that 25 minutes has really helped so much i believe and something i will make sure i include in my life moving forward.

Here are the 3 months broken down into the weeks totals

1791622 orig
3898560 orig
4880720 orig
One thing i wasn’t sure about sharing was the weight loss that wasn’t really even a driver for the challenges but over the last few months i have seen a great weight loss, I have not particularly till the middle of March actually done anything about my eating habits, so i was amazed when i was weighing myself and seeing some great reductions.
So what does that mean i am going to attempt next, as in the UK we are moving into Spring and Summer is just around the corner, i plan to give my knees a slight rest, i will however be looking to complete the longest run i have ever completed a good week into April just to see really how far can i go when 90 days ago i was struggling with a mile.

April will also see a lot of road biking, i believe my personal challenge in April will consist of traveling 200 miles during the month of April. I think my body just needs a little bit of rest away from the running, although if there is one thing i would say from this experience is to just try it… move your body for X amount of time a day for a month. You will be amazed by the progress you make and how better you feel from it.

If you have any questions regarding the running or about anything in the series of this 90 day challenge then please ask away.

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