I wanted to kick off this series with a brief look into the Whys and What for, for the home lab,  it seems in my view anyway that the last few months has seen either a resurgence or just generally more interest around the industry for the Home Lab. This post is really an introduction and part of at least a 10 part series covering right from an introduction in where or why you might need or want a home lab to a deep dive into what I am doing with my own lab. I hope to cover off the “Why I am doing this”?Read More →

The halfway mark for the #VDM30in30 and with a conference in the middle for a week it was always going to be tough to keep the content going at a post a day, although whilst at the conference I was able to jump on with some old friends and talk about some community and highlights for NetApp Insight and also about the newly announced Veeam 9.5 being GA during the same week. It’s always a great thing getting to speak to the guys that run the NetApp TechONTAP podcast as well catching up with my good friend Pete Flecha who is now at VMware, watchRead More →

Here we are again post 6 for the #ProjectTomorrow HomeLab series, In this post I want to talk about how I am using the spinning rust and my shared storage along with a small part of SSD storage within the home lab. I mentioned in the 2nd post of the series about the copious amounts of Direct Attached Storage I had in each server and also the lack of RAID controllers. If performance becomes to unbearable then I will go out and buy some controllers for the servers I had but so far they are giving me what I need. No RAID Controllers Yes againRead More →

Last year I was really intrigued in participating in the #vDM30in30 but there was very little chance of me hitting anywhere near enough posts, plus not hearing or knowing anything about it till we were pretty much already in November meant there was no chance of getting involved. Firstly what is #vDM30in30? Well during the month of November on each of the 30 days a new blog post is created, there is no fix on what these should be about there can be and have been a range of personal and technical posts come out during the month. If you want to know more thenRead More →