My challenge set for February was to complete 50 miles over the course of the 28 days. At the beginning of the month after completing the whole of January which totalled 43.86 Miles I thought I had set a milestone just that little too far to reach.

I was very proud of myself for maintaining the routine for the first 31 days of 2015 that was my biggest challenge and not really the 1 mile a day at least target. As I have said in previous posts relating to these personal challenges I am quite an active person and have played a very good standard of rugby which involves a lot of training both weights and cardio. Before this year though I had never ran continuous for 1 mile, hence the challenge.

This then brought me onto my next challenge, I have an overall target covering 90 days and this is split up over three monthly challenges. I am hoping off the back of these challenges that some sort of routine is instilled into my lifestyle and I continue to be active on a daily basis.

Challenge – Complete 50 miles during the month of February!

Challenge Completed 23/02/2015 – 50.98 Miles completed.

I will however continue to run for the remaining 5 days of the month and my now small target is to reach the 100 miles completed in 2015 (as of 23/02/2015 it is 94.84) my target all month has been to run 2 miles per day, some days that happened and some days it didn’t but there were also days where I completed 2.5 and even one day I completed 3 miles!

Here is the breakdown of Pace and Distance for both January and February.

And now onto my next challenge for March, I plan to complete 2 miles on every day for the month of March.

#2MileADayMarch15 – Complete at least 2 miles a day in March, 31 days and a minimum target of 62 miles.

As we are fast approaching Spring over here in the UK the weather although I have been quite lucky will start to brighten up, morning runs will not be dark and gloomy the same as evening as the nights get lighter. My biggest issue is going to be consistently maintaining 2 miles at least every day. With my current pace that is around 22-23 minutes at least I will be out every day. I managed an 11 day streak in February where I managed to complete at least 2 miles a day and a second streak of 7 days which at the time of writing leaves us with another 5 days remaining.

If I can complete the challenge I will have ran every day for 90 days in 2015, that really makes me want to carry on that routine and hit some other milestones during the year! that’s a quarter of the year I have managed to get out of my warm house and run for some amount of time……

I would also still like to point out that my JustGiving page is still active for now and if you have some spare cash then please donate, it’s for a great cause still.

Below you will find a breakdown of each day the distance I covered and the weekly totals on the right. I will continue to capture this data throughout March also.

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