In January 2014 i accepted a challenge to go without alcohol for the whole of January…. it was something i had done before but very loosely. The difference with this challenge was it was to raise money for cancer, a disease that i had been brought closer to through friends of mine being diagnosed.

The first thing to clear up is i am not a person that depends on alcohol to live and get through my life, just a normal english guy that likes to drink… i think thats fair to say.

Here is the DryAthlete Cancer Research Page if you would like to find out more or take part yourself.

I am unable to find the total amount i raised for 2014 for the DryAthlon, but i have set a target of £150 for this year, but there is a twist yes i will go the full distance and not drink for the 31 days of January, but i will also be running at least a mile a day throughout the month also.

I hear you say why…. Well over the past couple of months i have found myself so busy with work and i have not been training half as much as i was so i decided i needed to shake up my routine going into the new year. A mile isnt a huge amount at all and i will be looking at the 10-12 minutes to complete the minimum distance, but in doing this it will give me so much more than just a 12 minute workout. This way of working will hopefully allow me utilise time a lot better allowing for more time in the gym or other training.

It’s a great challenge to kick off the year and shred some of the Christmas and festivities away.

It’s going to give me something away from work to challenge me.

It’s hopefully going to continue the fundraising for Cancer that  i have very much been apart of for the last few years with either dryathlons or Movemember.

And most of all if this allows me to plan and schedule more activities within my day its only going to be a good thing.

If you do happen to have a spare pound then please just put it in the pot, it will keep me on the challenge that’s for sure.

Here is the link to my JustGiving Page, it would be great if you could spare something to this great charity to find that breakthrough on removing this deadly disease from our world –

Throughout the month i will keep notes on progress, lessons learnt and hopefully some artistic photos of my travels. You can by all means join in using the hashtag below, it would be great to have others working towards the same goal from all over the world.

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