The fact that I am writing this blog post means I have made it, I managed 31 days straight of running at least 1 mile every day! I also managed the no booze part but insignificant compared to how I feel about achieving the miles.

it’s not a huge distance and although I did on many days achieve a considerable amount more than the 1mile minimum, it was more about the habit forming and actually making just that little bit of time to train each day.

I’m not finished and by the time I got to around the 20 day mark I had already decided my next challenge, my next challenge will be to complete 50 miles during the month of February. 28 days to reach the 50 mile mark. This will require me to run 1.78 at least every day for 28 days. Now that is a considerable increase to what I have been used to but if I can tick off some 2 mile plus runs then I will be able to ease that number throughout the month.

I am being asked why? You have done well during January why bother to continue? Well the reason is to keep that routine of doing something each day even if that only equates to the 20-25 mins that I have been used to its still something and it just shows that you only need a small amount of time to get your body moving. I am not going to be bombarding social media though throughout the month of February I should think everyone is sick of seeing that every day during Jan.

I also plan to think of another challenge for the month of March, one thing that I do believe has inspired me to write these challenges down and stick to them is actually from watching this video, Tom Mendoza is actually someone that I have come across whilst in my professional career, Tom is the Vice Chairman for NetApp. But having watched the video I was inspired to set myself some personal goals. I have always been quite good at setting my professional goals although not setting time frames but personal goals has never really been something I have considered.

Obviously being a bit of a geek I have been compiling the results and different metrics based on my runs. First of all the following picture outlines the complete month and each run in metrics.

Taking each day and the important metrics from that I put those together to show me how my distance and pace was varying on a day to day basis. Below you will see the full 31 days of distance and pace.
Finally in using MapMyRun I was able to see a map for each of my runs, I decided it would be pretty cool to collate this into a calendar picture to outline my route during the month for each day. The majority of my runs were local to my house, I was very lucky during January not to have to stay away as much as usual with work, although I did take the #MileADayJan2015 on tour for one day and this was from Manchester. Can you tell which day that was? (Insert map calendar from spreadsheet)

That brings me to the end of the challenge, from a donation point of view I have managed so far a donation total of £72.78 but I believe the page will stay open well into February so if you feel like you could spare some money for such a great cause then please do so. My JustGiving page is still –

A total of 43.86 Miles, in 8 hours burning 11,953 calories for someone that doesn’t really run.

For the next 28 days I will trying to knock down the 50 mile challenge I have set myself, you can follow me and anyone else that feels like taking part using the following #50MileFeb2015 I will follow this challenge up at the end of Feb and announce my March2015 challenge. If you have any suggestions for March then please comment below.

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