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Hello again and from a new home, over the past few weeks as well as being busy with work I have changed my hosting service for vZilla.co.uk to a new one, I also transitioned away from Weebly and over to the fans favourite WordPress. All in all, it was quite an easy transition and it’s not like any downtime was going to cause me any loss in revenue.

The hardest part was the migration of all my posts, I sat and went through all posts and dwindled that down to 71 in total that were worthy of being copied over. It was a manual task and at the time although manual for 71 posts it was quite easy just a copy and paste, until I took down the site that was originally hosted on iPage.com, text came over fine but all pictures must have just been picture links back to that site. I do have those pictures saved locally but it would be yet another manual copy to send them up to the newly published site. Give me time and I am sure I can get that sorted.

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The next part of the puzzle as always was the DNS having to change from the holding address on the WordPress site to the vZilla.co.uk address, I find that making the change and going to bed is always the best way, this way you cannot change too many things and affect that end game result. When I woke up this morning I was greatly surprised that what I had done had in fact worked and we now have a hosted WordPress site. You will also find all historic posts have been re published. (minus the pictures in most cases)

So why did I move away from Weebly, the main reason was it was getting too much from a content creation point of view, yes, the platform is simple and easy to use and probably too simple, my path for content creation for the site is to first create a word document and folder structure locally on my mac, this is the main repository for all completed and draft posts, I also flip between using Word and OneNote for this creation. Once I had the writing complete and I had included all pictures in the word document I would then login to iPage and then proceed to update and build each blog. The formatting was different to the Word document so I would need to manually copy and paste the text and edit to suit the format required, then in between I would need to copy and paste the pictures it just wasn’t a nice straight forward select all and paste. I am led to believe that WordPress from this standpoint absolutely is… we shall see. clearly from the picture gate I mentioned above it wasn’t that simple, but maybe I should have sent the posts to word first before going to WordPress.

The other thing to mention is the Bitly links I use over social media and just general links to my posts. Most of these are working as I have changed some settings on the new site so they do match up, some though are not if you are looking for something specific and the search function doesn’t work then please contact me.

The plan next is to get back on with some content creation I have a few work things getting in the way of that but I am hoping to cover off a few posts in the next few weeks. If you have any questions then please get in touch.


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