Yesterday at Nutanix .NEXT in Anaheim, CA Nutanix Mine was announced.

“Nutanix Mine provides a single platform for organizations experiencing the

benefits of Nutanix Enterprise OS, as these organizations can simply extend

their existing integrated data protection to include secondary data backup

and archiving all in a turnkey backup solution powered by our platform


One of the benefits here from a Veeam point of view is the benefit to choose where and what you use for your Veeam Availability, choice is very important, the ability to roll your own hardware and storage targets for your backups is great and that works for some but some will also will want to follow the HCI methodology and have an easy and simplified approach to where their data will reside.

One of the main benefits I see with Nutanix Mine is the scalability, Veeam is able to scale up and down according to the environment that it is protecting but by leveraging an HCI approach this makes life much much simpler. Also, it’s a single SKU including hypervisor, hardware, platform OS management storage and support including your Veeam licensing.

Hit the easy button


The ability to choose a validated configuration that scales out with your Veeam Backup & Replication licenses already bundled in already along with the flexibility of those licenses using the new Veeam Instance based licensing meaning the production workloads can move between different hosts, hypervisors and clouds makes for an interesting option.

051019 1547 VeeamAvaila1



The key differentiator here is the independent cluster for the Veeam components, regardless of the production workload this could be Nutanix AHV, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Windows or Linux physical workloads or any other virtualisation platform where we do not yet have access to the underlining hypervisor. This solution provides the ability to roll out a simple independent secondary approach to protecting all those workloads.

051019 1547 VeeamAvaila2


Veeam is not difficult to deploy in any case but what Nutanix Mine also offers in the ability for the customer to receive a pre staged Nutanix hardware solution, it is then to be racked and cabled before running a really simple automated Veeam deployment wizard.

Cloud Tier / Nutanix Buckets


The final thing I wanted to add was the ability to leverage the new Cloud Tier capabilities of Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 update 4 with Nutanix Buckets. The premise of the cloud tier is to relocate backups as they exceed their operational restore window.

Veeam Differentiators

  • (virtually) Unlimited capacity / restore points
  • Seamless integration (restore point transparency)
  • Dehydrated backup files are still files, and can be easily rehydrated
  • Cross-tier indexing
  • Source deduplication (forever incremental)
    • Intelligent restore
    • DR recovery from cloud tier
  • No per-TB pricing

More information in general about Nutanix Mine can be found here.

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