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Up 76 places from 2016

Every year Eric Siebert @ericsiebert) puts a massive amount of effort into collating the ever-growing number of technical blogs we have out there within our community. Top marks to Eric and he seems to enjoy making the scoring system more complexed to keep his work effort high.

Last night the infamous live unravelling of the Top 25 vBlogs in the community were revealed and I think years gone by that I have been able to watch were done so with a running commentary on Twitter, last night it was all happening in the Veeam Vanguard Slack channel. Lots of cheers as the top 25 included lots of our very own vanguards which is a massive testament to the contributions they make to the community.

Today we got to see the full results linked below, personally I was shocked to find my name and blog sitting in position 44 from 120 in 2016, I will come back to this later.



I must say community is a huge part of my life, the contributions on twitter or other social media helping anyone where possible. The contribution I try and make on my blog, with the mind-set of if I can help one person then it’s worth writing. Also the consumption of information I would say that 70% of my learning comes from this IT community and the content that is released through those channels rather than through the vendor resource libraries. I also find myself involved with many advocacy, influencer or whatever you want to call them these days.


In particular, the Veeam Vanguard program, part of my day job is keeping engaged with those guys and making sure I help wherever possible. I am also a member of the NetApp A team, for the most part this is where most of my content would be related to previously to joining Veeam and even up until recently where I have branched out to other storage technologies and interests. The vExpert and Cisco Champions are also on the list, they are also close given the nature of my role today and previously there is always a huge interest in VMware technologies and Cisco Data Centre forthcomings.


Back to the results. I was in position 120 in the 2016 standings and I somehow jumped up 76 places to achieve a spot in the top 50 at position 44. My honest thoughts were that I might just break the top 100 this year. Hugely chuffed to get that and thank you for anyone that voted and to the 9 people that voted #1 for me. (thanks mum and dad)

One final thought on this is over the past few weeks and months my personal blog has had to take a backwards seat due to work commitments, I mean it does pay the bills that work thing. But hearing and seeing this great community recognition it has inspired me to get some more interesting and technical content out the door for the remainder of 2017 and I hope that it has inspired others to do the same.

Thanks guys and anyone heading to VMworld US or VMworld EMEA then be sure to give me a shout, I am lucky enough to be going to both.


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