2015 was a busy year for me, but I did make more of an effort around posting on the vZilla site. It’s seems my content was viewed a lot more as well compared to previous years so much so I decided to summarise the key areas and focus points on the vZilla website.

How many posts???

The majority of my posts in 2015 were around my key technologies VMware, NetApp, Cisco and Veeam.

As I said in the introduction I have made an extra effort to contribute within the community and using my blog as well as my twitter and LinkedIn accounts to reach the wider areas.

You can see from the stats below that the since I started the page in 2013 there has been some steady growth I would like to think I can hit that extra 5-6 posts during 2016 to continue sharing my thoughts and technical findings.

Visitor Stats

One thing I did keep an eye on this year are the web site statistics, quite interesting to see the amount of hits and visits that the site took but also the top viewed blog posts.
I have since moved over to AWstats for my statistics capture for 2016, looks a little more in depth and much more modern. From the chart above the key stats are the monthly visits, showing May and October, November being the chart topping months. The overall highest visits was 5550 visits and that was from May, May saw a couple of posts one around a release of NetApp OnCommand Shift and also a post around Veeam FastSCP for Microsoft Azure.

Top 3 Blog Posts

Moving onto the most visited blog posts were as follows:

1 – November 13th – 1562 visits – Cisco Appliances Post
2 – February 26th – 1525 visits – FlexPod 101 & OpenStack Fundamentals
3 – November 12th – 1504 visits – NetApp Insight

http://bit.ly/1jrb6fD – Cisco & Veeam Appliance – A Match Made In….

http://bit.ly/1UMg8jf – FlexPod 101

http://bit.ly/1MWO7EM – OpenStack Fundamentals

http://bit.ly/1k7sk1A – NetApp Insight 2015 – Las Vegas

http://bit.ly/1QktV1r – NetApp Insight 2015 – Berlin

http://bit.ly/1OXmTQJ – Veeam FastSCP for Microsoft Azure

http://bit.ly/1O3UqoB – AltaVault + Veeam – Backup to the Cloud…

http://bit.ly/1NPIDdD – Appliances, Appliances Everywhere… Veeam & NetApp E-Series

http://bit.ly/1GJZCgz – NetApp Storage Snapshots with Veeam

http://bit.ly/1IZeCJS – 2015 A Year in Review

Twitter – @MichaelCade1

It’s been another busy year for me on Twitter, but I have so much to thank to the platform, not only is it the best form of research and it is so informative, it works really well to my lifestyle and it allows me to share my content as well as digest others. Having started on twitter in February of 2009 I was a very slow user but soon came to find the great use case for the platform and it was 2015 where I hit the 10,000 tweets and also the 1200 followers mark.

Not to mention the continued advocate programs that I am apart of, without twitter I would not be involved in any. This year saw the addition of the Cisco Champion class of 2015 and I was also accepted in the latter part of the year to the vExpert2015 club.

One of the top tweets I had this year with well over 250 engagements on twitter and getting a great shout out from @CiscoGeeks after some data centre work that I was carrying out.
The final stats I want to share are for the whole year and spread out over the months. Again something I have only started collecting so next year we will get something to compare to but hopefully it’s an upward growth.

3,167 tweets throughout the year – Just under 9 tweets a day

10,728 Twitter profile views –

498k Twitter Impressions – Impressions explained and why they are important – https://www.hashtags.org/platforms/twitter/understanding-twitter-impressions-why-are-they-important/

511 new followers – With the total of followers up to 1,268 that to me seems like some considerable growth in 2015 compared to since 2009.

Next year I am hoping I can better all of these numbers, but the key to this is sharing with the community, as long as the content I am putting out there is being digested by one or more people then it’s worth doing in my opinion.

One regret possibly I do have for 2015 is announcing the beginning of VDM30in30, that’s 30 posts in 30 days, the likelihood of this was very slim given the busy events period during November. I did have a list of posts though well above 30 that I thought would be interesting so that sets us in good stead for 2016.

I have a content list for 2016 that I will be working through to ensure content is valuable.

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