Following on from my previous post regarding my trip over to the US for NetApp Insight in Vegas i have also put together my schedule for Berlin. Much closer to home this one, and familiar territory for me as i have done quite a lot of work over in Berlin, so the flight to Tegal will only be a short 1 hour and 45 mins, where as Vegas will be 10 hours 30 mins. I mentioned in my previous post that i had booked 2 exam slots one for Vegas and one for Berlin, these were booked based on the requirements of certification level andRead More →

Following on from my “An Englishman in…..San Francisco” post i thought i would continue on that theme and write down my latest trip to the US, and this time again NetApp related and this time it was for my first NetApp Insight event in Las Vegas. Having suffered with jet lag from the  trip to San Francisco i decided to venture out to Vegas a few days early to get rid of the jet lag before the big event. For those that have attended Insight in either the US or EMEA or even APAC when this was running know how much it takes its strainRead More →

So last week was my first ever visit to the United States, and it was NetApp that shipped me over for our NetApp Advocate’s quarterly Tech Field day over at NetApp HQ Sunnyvale. So i have decided to write up a post based on the trip, I cannot share too much from the Tech Field day as its NDA but i will mention what i can. I firstly got to meet some of my fellow NetApp Advocates, as expected they are a great bunch, that just love NetApp. Day One (Monday) So i flew out of London Heathrow at 2pm and travelled west to San Francisco internationalRead More →

Hello there, so something I have not really got into is firstly the writing of the blog posts. I spent the time setting the page up etc but I haven’t actually had the time to shout about things, secondly its that time of year where all tech blogs consist of some sort of review of the year gone by and predictions for the forthcoming year… So I am going to try and do just that and try to predict where I think technology will head in 2014. I will also look to summarise my experiences of 2013. Flash We have seen a huge increase inRead More →