As I write out this post I am actually on a flight off to Berlin for the fourth time in 3 years, I am heading to the NetApp Insight event which will be the third year of it taking place here. The last time I was here was back in a cold February for Cisco Live, same conference centre so I am hoping for something a little different for this one.

Thinking about it this will be the third time at NetApp insight Berlin and once again I am in a different role… the first time I was at Avnet delivering Pre and Post sales, last year I was at Veeam as a Systems Engineer and practicing my booth babe skills and this year I will be heading out as a Technical Evangelist at Veeam.

NetApp A Team

If you read my blog frequently you will know I am really passionate about the technology portfolio over at NetApp, this has probably stemmed from pre Veeam I was solely working on NetApp technologies where the champion of the NetApp A-Team approached me to join this amazing squad of people from around the globe and from very different verticals within the eco system. A member now for coming up 4 years and the passion has not gone but maybe change slightly.

The A Team participation has helped me develop my own personal brand, confidence and given me opportunity within the industry to really allow me to move on and up in my career.

I was unable to attend the Las Vegas conference which would have been my third trip to that strange city which couldn’t be helped due to other commitments, but it means its going to be full on over in Berlin, lots of fellow A Team members will be over and we will be raising the bar in spreading the news from the event and using all types of outlets to endorse where possible the NetApp portfolio.

I am really looking forward to meeting up with the crew when I arrive later this evening.

My Planned Sessions

In the new role I get the chance to attend sessions again and take in some of the technical content being delivered. It may also help with some ideas for the #VDM30in30 that I am desperately trying to keep up with and hanging on by a whisker.

I will also be making my debut as a speaker at NetApp Insight, I will be delivering the Veeam sponsored session. Co-presenting with my colleague at Veeam, Stefan Renner. This will be our Veeam sponsored session and we will be using the time to discuss our new enhancements specifically around the NetApp & Veeam in the upcoming version 9.5 release which is imminently going to be generally available. My part of the session will involve discussing the leveraging of data and covering what I feel to be a really great feature that I don’t think neither vendor or partners shout about enough, details of the session are below, would love to have a chat with anyone and answer any questions you have.

At the last time of checking we were up to 200 attendees so really excited to be up there and deliver a great message to our customers, partners and prospects.

By all means if you are at the event and you recognise me be sure to introduce and have a conversation, on that I hope everyone who attends has a great week.

Look out for the other NetApp A Team

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