No matter where you are in the world you are probably working from home and if you are anything like me probably busier than normal! But it is important to stay on top of things and one of them things should be learning.

Normally it’s a privilege to get training access whilst on the job. But I think if you are now working from home you likely need something like a project or some form of education.

Over the last 6 months I have been taking advantage of my Pluralsight account that I get through being part of the VMware vExpert Program. I have been focusing on a lot of Container, Kubernetes and in general a lot of cloud native based training courses and paths.

There are so many other good training resources out there and it seems they have opened their doors to the IT community during this strange time.


040620 2100 SummerTrain1

Whatever field of play you are in or if you are looking to pivot and learn something completely new then this is the place to start in my opinion, the ability to access on almost all devices and the structure of the courses are not too long and boring and you can really get involved and learn something new or bolster your existing skills.

Pluralsight are running #FREEApril and I encourage you to go and check out some of the courses I don’t think you will be disappointed.

040620 2100 SummerTrain2


040620 2100 SummerTrain3

Udemy has always had some great reviews and I am always seeing some great deals on some courses, I must admit I have not yet tried out their platform but I think with their new Udemy Free Resource Center I think it’s a no brainer to pick up some of the training they have on offer.

They have currently 280+ free courses available in the center. There are some interesting courses around time management, photography and I even saw some astronomy courses in there. The one I am calling out though and it’s less than an hour is Git and GitHub Crash Course: Create a Repository From Scrath!


040620 2100 SummerTrain4

I have been following CloudSkills for a while now, it’s a great podcast as well that I encourage all of you to take a listen to especially if you’re learning curve is focused around cloud native, containers, Kubernetes or infrastructure as code. But they have also opened up their resources


Azure PowerShell Course

040620 2100 SummerTrain5

Another free resource to check out, well it seems to be free all the time unless you require validation and verification of the training and a certificate. I have seen some pretty good courses from the following but also lots around data science and machine learning if that’s an area you wish to get into further during this time.

A few picks I am working through at the moment.

Microsoft – Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner

NetApp – Cloud Volumes ONTAP Deployment and Management for Azure

Linux Foundation – Introduction to Kubernetes

Google Cloud

Google Cloud have also released some training for those looking for something whilst we are all at home for the foreseeable. This one is great to see as this is an area I am looking to get into a little deeper, I would say I have a good foundational knowledge of AWS and Microsoft Azure, well enough to be dangerous and spend lots of money but GCP is next on the long list of training.

Expanding at-home learning with 30 days of training at no cost

Mark off an hour a day to do something like this or maybe two sessions per day depending on the topic and your current workload, it is important that you do feel like you are achieving something during these times.

If you know of other training that would normally come as a premium but has been unlocked during these strange times then comment below, drop me a tweet and I will make sure I take a look and add them to the list.

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