Update – It is all gone, thanks to all for jumping on it, will keep you updated on my trials and tribulations when walking down the Pi Cluster route. 

It has been a trusty home lab for the past few years but since moving to the new house although it has prime position in the garage it is not being used as I have other resources available to me now. Maybe there is a home for it somewhere. This post will outline the hardware specs for each part I will be parting with.

What do I want and this is me being completely honest, I want this to help someone that needs it or wants it for education, All I would really like is to be able to buy 4 new Raspberry Pi’s. That’s it.



061120 1558 Timetogetri1

SuperMicro 1

AMD 3.4GHz AMD Phenom II 965 CPU


6 drive bays and all caddies

SuperMicro 2 (X9SCI/X9SCA)

Intel Xeon CPU E3-1220 V2 @ 3.10GHz


6 drive bays and all caddies

SuperMicro 3


Motherboards – https://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/archive/Xeon3000/X48/X7SBT.cfm

12 drive bays and all caddies

HP Proliant ML110 G6

Intel Xeon 2.4Ghz



DVD Drive

HP Proliant ML110 G7

Intel Xeon 3.1Ghz


250GB x2

4 drive bay caddy


D Link Managed Switch (DGS-3100-24)

There is also a screen but will have to get details on that.

I also have a selection of disks that were in the SuperMicro boxes I am just going to list them here as well

2 x Hitachi 1TB SATA drives 7200rpm

6 x WD 1TB (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Western-Digital-RE4-1000-GB-Serial-Internal/dp/B008DJE7HW)

4 x WD 2TB (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Western-Digital-WD2000FYYZ-3-5-inch-Enterprise/dp/B0090UFNR6)

If anyone is interested and lives in the UK I don’t think its worth shipping out of the UK for this, hit me up on twitter @MichaelCade1 or drop me a mail at Michael.Cade@outlook.com if you need anymore detail let me know, share far and wide as it would be good to clear some space.


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