It was my second stint at presenting at a Tech Field Day event after back in April 2019 we came out to the Bay Area to participate in Cloud Field Day 5, you can find those recordings here.

Tech Field Day this week was a special one, #TFD20 was the 10 year anniversary of the event. That’s a pretty impressive achievement when we live in a world full of influencer programs within our community, some things come and go but TFD is the constant.

This time round we brought the boss with us, El Rickatron. Two reasons 1. He is the boss and he wanted to come and he knows a bit about a lot especially Veeam. 2. He was actually a delegate at the first ever TFD, 10 years ago. Now he almost didn’t make that event 10 years ago and when you see him or open a conversation with him on twitter and find out why he nearly didn’t make it.

I have to say during my career and the last 10 years, mostly prior to joining Veeam nearly 5 years ago, the TFD events and other more focused events have been a great community and technical resource of learning. The production quality that these guys put together is second to none and quite simply the agendas are amazing along with the content. Thank you Tech Field Day for that service.

So what did we do in our 2 hour slot… we spoke a lot about a lot, one of the things we are when it comes to Tech Field Day events is covered for content, we want to make sure we get as much information to you as a community audience and the TFD delegates as possible. We are not going to stop that clock before our times up, and those that know myself, Anthony Spiteri and Rick Vanover know that we can talk a little.

Our session started with a brief overview of Veeam and the current numbers. Rick went through that then moved onto the technical overview covering our Scale Out Backup Repository (SOBR) and our Cloud Tier capabilities of Move mode which enables us to tier your backups from our performance tier on premises into object storage.

Then it was Anthonys turn to take the hot seat and talk about the first new feature of Veeam Backup & Replication v10, this was also a cloud tier functionality but this was called Copy Mode and what this allows us to do is send a copy of your backups as soon as they hit the performance tier they are then copied to object storage.

Anthony then continued to show some more functionality with Cloud Tier in regards to immutability and how we can enable object locks on objects stored in the object storage (Specifically around AWS S3) so that you can lock down any malicious activity against those files and make sure they are kept in place for the required retention period.

It was then my time to step up, my focus was to deep dive into our NAS backup or our Enhanced NAS Backup, enhanced you say… yes because we are not just ticking the box and enabling NDMP based backup we believe we have a differentiator when it comes to our NAS backup. Expect to see a lot more content around this as we lead up to the general availability of Veeam Availability Suite v10

As we were pushed for time, its always hard to know how many questions we can field at the time, there was two questions in particular that i wanted to address after the session so as I sat in my hotel room having woke up at the jet lag time of 5am (actually better than the 4am and 3am on the previous mornings) I decided to record a follow up video answering two of those questions and hopefully explaining to the TFD delegates and the online audience the answers to those questions.

Timing as always was then becoming tight but we knew we had to show something that has been announced but is also on the roadmap to be released in the early parts of 2019, Anthony stood up and got get through a pretty quick deep dive on our upcoming continous data protection (CDP) feature.

Then we had a really fast summary, the biggest take away that we want the TFD delegates and online audience either the ones watching live or the people that get round to it later on is the fact that Veeam over the last 13 years have focused on 3 key mantras. Simple, Reliable and Flexible. This is something from a product strategy point of view that we have to stick to and we have to live by that mantra for any additional features in our products or any new products.

I write this as I am climbing up to 38,000ft heading from San Jose Airport (SJC) to London Heathrow (LHR) unfortunately I am missing the 10 year anniversary party which would have been great as lots of friends will be there but I have to get back for some close work friends wedding.

I hope everyone had a fantastic time, Until next time #TFD crew keep doing what you do. You are an absolute asset to the IT Community.

@DataCenterDude also did a good review and overview of our session at TFD so want to give a shout out to this guy. Twitch is absolutely becoming a great platform not only for gamers showing off their screens but also getting into some Q&A around different areas of the tech community and industry –

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