Sitting here at 38,000ft on the way over to my first Cisco Live US frantically preparing slide decks for sessions and webinars I have fast approaching. (That bit is done at this point don’t worry boss)

I wanted to touch base and give an overview of all the super cool stuff that Veeam does with Cisco.

Cisco HyperFlex

Veeam over the short lifetime of HyperFlex (just over a year) have really jumped on board this hyperconverged offering from Cisco. A lot of joint roadshows in the beginning on how Veeam can keep data Available by backing up but also replicating across sites. More recently the release of the Cisco HyperFlex integration with Veeam in Backup & Replication update 2, allowing for a more efficient method of taking virtual machine backups when they reside on Cisco HyperFlex.


Cisco HyperFlex snapshot integration coming soon with Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 2

I am really looking forward to hearing what’s lined up next from Cisco in this area. 3.0 must be around the corner and the cadence so far has been around that 6-month mark so expecting some news this week at Cisco Live.

Converged Infrastructure

For a few years now Veeam have been adding storage integrations left right and centre which has only helped when it comes to the converged stacks that Cisco have with these storage vendors.

The Veeam storage integration allows for that reduced impact on the production VMware environment by leveraging the storage Array snapshot technologies causing minimal impact on performance of the live virtual machine.


At VeeamON around the middle of May, Veeam announced that in v10 they would be releasing a Universal Storage API that would allow for the on boarding of storage vendors who were asking for integration thus giving that same level of performance when it came to VMware virtual machine backups.

Also announced was Infinidat, Lenovo and IBM would be the first vendors to be on boarded with that integration. This means that the VersaStack offering from both Cisco and IBM would join the fold of Veeam integrated storage. Also, announced last week at the Pure Storage conference is that they would also be joining in with the integration giving FlashStack the ability to take advantage of the integrations.  The universal API will provide the ability to not only Backup from those storage snapshots but also the following features will be available. This is also true of the storage integrations we have today apart from where listed. The NetApp storage also offers some additional integrations.


VeeamON – Veeam Version 10 – Universal Storage API

The Ultimate Backup Appliance

Veeam is agnostic when it comes to backup repositories or targets, if you want to go to direct attached storage, tape, NAS, SAN or even Cloud Providers then all that is fine with Veeam.

When you are taking the time to really consider that backup storage and target and the first things on your mind are scalability, density, performance and available capacity then the Cisco S3260 or the Cisco C240 should be top of mind.

Why I hear you cry after that amazing sales paragraph, promise no more.

I have written about the C3160 then C3260 and now we have the S3260. Let’s briefly break it down but here is a link to my post on the latest release the S3260.

The new and improved Cisco Storage Server – S3260

Ok so the top two aren’t ground breaking maybe even the first three aren’t unique today. But the ability to plug into the Cisco Fabric Interconnects that are also used in those HyperFlex and Converged Deployments and leverage that central management console to not only manage the S3260 or the C240 for that matter but also be able to scale them out accordingly.

Add to this scalable solution the Veeam Scale Out Backup Repository you have a pretty powerful Availability solution that can be bolted onto your Hyperconverged or Converged Infrastructures.


To wrap this up, I am really looking forward to hanging with some of the Cisco Champions and I must say they have some cool stuff going on this week, my calendar has been bombarded in a good way with all the events and stuff that Lauren and team have setup. Big shout out there and a big thank you.

I am also going to be keeping a close eye on the above areas from Cisco, I expect to hear about HyperFlex 3.0 at least as well as all things Data Centre for me. If you are here though in Las Vegas then you will see me floating about I also have a theatre session on Monday with the details below and I will be covering briefly what it is we do in those three areas I mentioned in this post.

Have a great week and come say Hi.

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