I have created this walkthrough so that you can customise you home demo labs.

The vCenter Single Sign-On login page is now written using regular HTML and CSS. This means you can actually now customize the login page with Veeam backgrounds.

It’s not supported by VMware, but for home lab it’s a great add on and custom way of displaying more company marketing. But because of this you may wish to backup the following files to ensure you can roll back if you need to do so.

There are two specific files that you will want to take a look at, the first is unpentry.jsp which controls the look and feel of the actual login page and the second is login.css which controls the stylesheet for the login page.

This can be customised on both the Windows version of Virtual Center as well as the appliance, below you will find the file locations of the specific files you need to change in order to achieve our custom login screen.

Windows vCenter Server 6.0
·        C:\ProgramData\VMware\vCenterServer\runtime\VMwareSTSService\webapps\websso\WEB-INF\views\unpentry.jsp
·        C:\ProgramData\VMware\vCenterServer\runtime\VMwareSTSService\webapps\websso\resources\css\login.css
·        C:\ProgramData\VMware\vCenterServer\runtime\VMwareSTSService\webapps\websso\resources\img
VCSA 6.0
·        /usr/lib/vmware-sso/vmware-sts/webapps/websso/WEB-INF/views/unpentry.jsp
·        /usr/lib/vmware-sso/vmware-sts/webapps/websso/resources/css/login.css
·        /usr/lib/vmware-sso/vmware-sts/webapps/websso/resources/img

There is a change required to the login.css to point to your new background picture, find this line of code and change appropriately, your new image should be stored the /resources/img location.

background-image: url(../../resources/img/newimagename.jpg)

You will also need to edit the unpentry.jsp file and edit a line out find the following line and just put // in front which will stop this from being loaded.

//document.write(“<img id=\”topSplash\” src=\”../../resources/img/AppBgPattern.png\”/>”);

Screen shot below shows my first attempt

I have also attached the required files to accomplish this in your own demo lab.


I got the idea to create this not only since moving to Veeam and wanting to add something different to my home lab environment for demo’s but the idea and how to came from William Lam @lamw

Any questions then please drop me a line, any ideas that you might, and feel free to take for your own Veeam demo labs.


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