Busy week here at Veeam, not only the usual customer meetings and demos, but we had kind of a big announcement on Tuesday, outlining our strategy and vision. If you have been using Veeam keep in touch Veeam you will know we have never really had an external roadmap, I think Tuesday changed this with the announcement of a vision as well as new products that were yet to be released.

You can find my summary of the new announcements here – http://bit.ly/2bfaR2w

I spent a lot of time putting some content together around most of the new product announcements and I have linked them below also.

Availability for your Microsoft Office 365 Mail…. Amazing – http://bit.ly/2bzm4Mx

Agents of V.E.E.A.M – http://bit.ly/2bPod7C

Veeam Availability Console – The Artist formerly known as… VMBP – http://bit.ly/2c0WN1E

As well as the posts above I also managed to sneak a few more out there this week 3 in total, the first one was a guest blog over at my colleagues site. This was my first guest blog appearance on any site. I will be also posting this post on my site in due course. You can find that post below. The reason for the blog was different to my usual postings all should become clear over the next coming weeks as to why this was created.

How Veeam backup files are written – http://bit.ly/2bl1hkQ

The second post was a summary on all the different integration and configuations that we have with the NetApp portfolio, not only including the FAS and ONTAP where we have real deep integration around their snapshot technology, but also covering off the SolidFire SAN and where we can leverage our Direct SAN capabilities to achieve availability. Then a great backup target storage in the NetApp E-Series and the NetApp AltaVault.

Portfolio Overview – Veeam & NetApp – http://bit.ly/2bZ6BdS

The final post of the week came in the form of the Veeam corporate blog, with a look at how Veeam & NetApp can provide fast recovery times for your data if the worse was to happen. Using an Olympic theme here given the great achievements the Olympics had in Rio. Especially TeamGB coming in 2nd place in the medal league table, huge achievement.

Fast recovery speed with NetApp snapshots and Veeam – http://bit.ly/2bP42Yw

When I get access to these beta loads I will be sure to share some feedback and walkthroughs, by all means give me feedback on twitter @MichaelCade1

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