There was that much information and announcements to come from VeeamON 2017 that I decided to split things up into two parts.

EcoSystem Partner Announcements

StarWind VTL

Tape is still a requirement in a number of environments, to virtualise the legacy tape infrastructure to remove that physical pain point is exactly what StarWind has done. This new release from StarWind allows veeam to see this disk based storage to see as a tape library, this then allows for a replication task to copy backup files or tier those backup files to Amazon S3 and/or Glacier. This is available NOW. I know I need to get this up and running in my home lab to get some more information there.

There is a great overview here from the StarWind stand at VeeamON – StarWind VTL And Veeam Backup Integration


Data Gravity

Another announcement made was the “DataGravity for Availability” with the recent podcast I did with @techstringy I found this one interesting regarding the ransomware attacks.

What DataGravity does is monitors user and file behaviour, identifying and stopping attacks against data. Stopping the activity first and foremost,  second is the rapid recovery with little to no data loss.

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Availability for AWS

Like a few other announcements here I am going to put this in its own post, I was lucky enough to hear about this partnership and integration coming a few months back so I was able to start looking at the offering from N2W Software and their Cloud Protection Manager.

The Veeam N2WS module is a virtual appliance deployed in AWS, and the Veeam VBR module is installed on-premises. The Veeam N2WS module manages and replicates snapshots to other AWS regions. The Veeam VBR module decouples AWS instance data and stores the backups in a Veeam repository, and leveraging Veeam’s recovery technologies, you can recover back to the original AWS location, or another AWS region.

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Nimble Secondary Flash Array

Just another backup target…. Nope this one has some flash in it. But what does that mean when it comes to backup operations. Firstly its going to greatly improve those Instant Recovery and restores, with this array its also going to give you storage efficiencies with inline deduplication and finally being able to leverage this array for SureBackup and Sandbox environments is going to greatly improve productivity in those scenarios.

I have an official blog landing soon on this one really deep diving into the areas mentioned above.

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VMware Log Insight

Veeam also announced a FREE log Insight content pack that will allow for all Veeam logs to be sent to the VMware product to provide a level of insight into the Veeam Backup & Replication environment. VMware Log Insight is a Log Aggregator so it’s not just the Veeam logs it’s really the environment sharing everything into one tool that then allows for that insight, I for one need to get a little deeper into this to understand some more.



Thursday Announcements

Office 365 v2

The new enhancements of v1.5 were announced around multi tenancy and how service providers could now take advantage of the Office 365 mail backupas well PowerShell and Restfull API support. But we also got to see a sneak preview of things to come in v2 and this version will extend the ability to backup SharePoint and OneDrive for business.

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Veeam Powered Network – Veeam Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Azure

This section requires its own post alone, I was very excited when our team got to hear about this a few months back and also the capabilities that it brings, firstly being able to extend your on premises network to Microsoft Azure, but the possibilities are endless.

The ability to take this FREE Veeam Powered Network, deploy in any site to give that site to site VPN look and feel but also my number one thought was how this can be used to extend a layer 3 network between multiple Public Cloud and on premises to have that same easy to use and configurable VPN appliance.

My colleague has started things off with a good overview –

Picture6 1

Management Pack v8 update 4

The MP announcement allows for an extension of the on premises System Centre Operations Manager component to the Operations Management Suite to better gain visibility and control across your hybrid cloud with simplified operations management and security.

OMS is a cloud based solution that is able to retrieve data from your SCOM on premises installation.


There is a great series around OMS here on the Veeam website –

If you would like to catch any of the General Sessions then you will find them both here – for all breakout sessions to be available please just give us a couple of weeks to have them uploaded and available.

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