You might have seen a few posts and tweets about Cloud-Native Data Management Day from me and Kasten over the last few weeks and maybe months. Firstly, don’t worry there is no registration for the virtual event but if you are heading to LA then don’t miss out on the Grammy museum, also be sure that the in-person entrance fee will be fully reimbursed with adequate SWAG! If you haven’t seen it yet, the agenda for our event was posted this week, and it’s full of fantastic panels discussions! Promotion for the live in-person sessions is happening now. Then we have the virtual experienceRead More →

Like many during however long this pandemic has been going on for we have found other interests and hobbies to either drain our money away or at least entertain us and sometimes both whilst we are not or were not allowed out and about. My lockdown started with a tech refresh which grew into creating a home studio to create content and generally make life a little easier whilst working from home for extended periods, then I found mechanical keyboards! The first cut is the deepest As I was refreshing the systems at home, I purchased a new Logitech G915 mechanical keyboard, pretty much anRead More →

I have decided to document this as I know this is going to come up again and again at least for me, but if it helps someone else in the process then that’s a win! The goal here is to either create a new PAT or it is to replace an expired PAT, PAT = Personal Access Token. The kicker here or the reason why everyone is moving over to PAT instead of a password to authenticate with GitHub is because of password authentication being removed as of August 2021. A welcomed change in security policy that will affect all desktop git applications that integrateRead More →

This week saw a lot of useful procrastination mostly around different tools to make your day-to-day experience with Kubernetes that little more easier or possibly more exciting. I put together this twitter thread but as with anything on twitter the life span of that thread is gone within minutes so I wanted to document my Kubernetes tips and tricks here as well. Tips for Kubernetes: 1 – kubectl explain Have you been looking for the man pages for Kubernetes? (man, page is short for manual page) or could also be classed as documentation. Get documentation of various resources. For instance, pods, nodes, services, etc.Read More →

Introduction – Why My goal for this project was to find a way to deploy a new cluster in AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google. I am constantly spinning up and down Kubernetes clusters and running through scenarios for content creation and just learning scenarios. I have written several blogs talking about creating managed Kubernetes clusters in the three big clouds and some other options more recently. But I wanted to go one step further and wanted to automate the creation and removal of these environments for demo purposes. The goal is to make it simple to not only create these clusters using Terraform from HashicorpRead More →

Veeam Backup & Replication introduces another new agent. This time it is the agent for MacOS. I had my 2013 MacBook Pro kicking about and thought why wouldn’t you add this to the home Veeam Backup & Replication server. The first thing to mention is that this is not a standalone agent this requires Veeam Backup & Replication or from a service provider perspective the Veeam Service Provider Console. There is also the ability to leverage MDM servers to deploy the package. Preparing the Agent for MacOS First up we need to get the package files to install locally on our MacBook Pro. Give yourRead More →

Building out a new lab or refreshing your lab is tedious and a job nobody really wants to do, I have long been a fan of infrastructure as code and automation and we have had various projects where we have done similar things and highlighted this in some of our community speaking sessions and hopefully helped people. Now I am also not saying this is the right way but in my lab situation I wanted something I could easily automate the spinning up and down of my Veeam environment for testing, this really came about with the latest release of Veeam Backup & Replication v11Read More →

It might just be me, but in everything where I am putting content together or using data that means something that is useful to me I automatically think about what happens if I lose it, can I withstand to lose that or is it important that I need a backup? This weekend I fully transitioned over to using Notion for my note taking app but it also is or can be used as an “All in One workspace” it also has a lot of team collaboration benefits but the first and foremost goal for me was to have a single place that I could storeRead More →

First up you should head to the windows store to download the latest Windows Terminal Once installed open your new Windows Terminal and head straight to Settings This is going to open a .json file with the configuration settings, when you first install you will not see this block of configuration under defaults but this is what gives you the ability to add a background image / logo to your terminal session. The code is following, this will enable this same theme (image) over PowerShell, Command Prompt and Azure Cloud Shell.         “defaults”:         {             // Put settings here that you want to apply to all profiles.             “backgroundImage” : “C:\\Users\\micha\\AppData\\Local\\Packages\\Microsoft.WindowsTerminal_8wekyb3d8bbwe\\RoamingState\\black-on-green.png”,             “backgroundImageOpacity” : 0.75,             “backgroundImageStretchMode” : “fill”   If you then want to customise theRead More →

This release gives Veeam the ability to protect workloads natively across the trifecta of the public clouds, Microsoft Azure, AWS and now Google Cloud Platform or GCP. This version 1 of the product gives you the ability to protect your GCP compute instances leveraging cloud-native snapshots and backups to Google Cloud Storage which in turn gives you the ability to restore those virtual machines back into GCP. With the upcoming release of Veeam Backup & Replication v11 and the addition of a third external repository option which is the object storage where Veeam Backup for Google Cloud Platform writes its backups to this enables forRead More →