I wanted to share this, and this is nothing new, really its for my own notes as I wanted to share my YouTube channel RSS feed in Microsoft Teams.

There are 4 steps you need to take.

Navigate to the YouTube channel you wish to add to your RSS feed.

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Next we need to view the page source code, right click anywhere on the page to get the context menu and select view page source.

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You will likely now see something like below,

073120 1353 Lookingtoad3

We then need to find the following text hit F3 or CNTRL + F and search for “channel-external-id”

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Get the value of the external ID and then you have your RSS feed URL

Replace that value into this URL:


Then to add to teams but this works for any RSS feed software. Open Microsoft Teams and navigate to the channel you wish the RSS feeds to be mentioned. 3 dots in the top right will give you the context menu, select connectors to configure RSS

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You will then have a window that shows all available connectors if you have not done so already add the RSS connector and click configure.

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Simply give your feed a reference name and then paste the RSS feed URL we obtained earlier and a schedule in which you would like this to be checked for updates.

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This might help a few people out but wanted to add this here as I recently had to go searching for a solution.

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