1. Can I use this to do windows updates on a VM fileserver?

    eg, a vm is a file server with user data, we need to do windows updates, can I failover, do windows updates on the “Primary” VM while users use the Failed over one and then failback with the data changes?

    1. Author

      No during a failover the source is powered down. If you manually power up and then sync the failover back to source it will change all new data on that source machine.

      If windows updates are the issue then we have something for you in update 4 called staged restore, it could possibly allow for the injection of process.

      1. hmm ok, back to drawing board then, we’ve just brough at Netapp AFF200 for each of our sites and I’m just trying to find the best way for our DR/File replication, and planned failovers, I cant decide if I nee to use, Veeam, Netapp DFS/R or a combination of the three, I was hoping Veeam could do this so I didn’t need to have DFS/R for our data to allow for planned maint failovers etc

          1. Please do, our system is moving from CIFs for our data, due to a lack of being able to back them, so i’ll be putting the data into windows VM for veeam backup, and using the windows Dedup along with then the backend dedup of netapp to really maximise our storage.
            We have two sites and we want replication for our servers (veeam/netapp or combination) but for our data.

            I’m also looking at best way of settting up a test network for our servers, ive tinkered with veeam in the past for that and I’m leaning towards that but someone did say to use the netapp for that?

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